An epitome where athleisure meets fashion, the new SPORT b. collection is inspired by the link with skateboarding and architecture in the city. Skateboarding involves various histories of youth culture, the architectural design of skate parks, technological inventions, graphics and fashion design, and the politics of space in cities today. Agnès believes these can make a positive change on young generation’s picture of the world and future behaviour. To pay tribute to this spirit of freedom, she has designed a skating-inspired range.

If agnès b. Homme and Femme collection are symbolizing the sophisticated and elegant facets of the French, a radical and rebellious youth might be living at the heart of SPORT b.. Inspired by a wave of new young and experimental artists in 80s, Agnès created the theme “Radiant Vibes” for this year’s Fall Winter Collection. In that golden era, everybody could live up to their desires. You can be an artist, musical or writer. Freedom of expression could be seen in different fields, in a rough and violently emotional way and often using vivid colours. This free, audacious youthful spirit is now transcended to highly experimental styles in the athleisure and minimal world of agnès b..

This year SPORT b. again joins hands with arena, the French professional swimwear brand, to launch a whole new Spring/Summer swimwear collaboration. Inspired by the days and nights of Paris, the collection combines both the aesthetics of Agnès, and arena's professional product technology, in the theme of the young’s yearning desire for freedom, a lifestyle full of music, colours and sports, advocating the simplicity.

Style is inseparable from colours and music to Parisians. This swimwear collaboration is presented in a palette of black, white, orange, and lightning patterns, which perfectly shows the French style in a dynamic way. 

Photography is Agnès' typical way to keep a record of Paris nightlife and street poetry.  Agnès likes loves to take photos and she loves the life during the night. A photo of a city night taken by her is transformed into an inspiration for the swimsuit design in this swimwear collaboration – Neon lights and shadows… from street lights on rainy nights.

Uniting sporty style with simple design, SPORT b. is a reflection of Agnès’ love towards music. In this spring/summer collection, the theme “Youth Rebellion” pays homage to the youthful, rebellious spirit of punk music. Inspired by the new wave movement, the turbulence of punk is replaced with a considered, artful subversion of nostalgic influences. This new collection is inspired by retro-futurist graphics, post-punk ideology and the 90s to embrace a new moment against overblown stardom.

Combining sporty style and minimalistic attitude, SPORT b. always has a deep connection with music and it never ceases to infuse young and energetic culture into fashion design.  This season is no exception. Inspired by traveling, Agnès creates the theme “On the Road” as she believes renting a car in France and driving down the smaller country roads can yield some spectacular views. Unlike a bus tour or a train ride, you can pull over to marvel at the sights, or choose the perfect tree under to have a picnic! And one more important thing is to create your Road Trip play list, enjoy music all the way. From music, trip to outfits, it’s time to create your own unique travel scenery.


In summer 2018, the two renowned brands from France – SPORT b., the brand for trendy teen fashion, and arena, the brand for professional swim products, are going to hold hands together for the very first time and present the crossover swimwear collection for the spring-summer season. Inspired by the upbeat city pace and music rhythm, the collection shows a perfect blend of the professional product technology of arena and the trendy style of SPORT b. The crossover collection brings a series of swimwear in a fresh, healthy and sporty style for young city dwellers.

arena is an authentic waterwear brand that offers professional swim products on trend for athletes and real sports lovers. Blending the simple-chic style of SPORT b. in the professional arena swimwear design, a chic and rock swimwear collection with functionality is born this season. Timeless black and white colour scheme with a touch of neon yellow are applied in the collection. The art of simplicity brings the designs beyond imagination. Black, speaks the subtle romance for city dwellers and symbolizes the rock and roll spirit. White, symbolizes breaks for city life, to encourage city dwellers to take breaks and enjoy life. The signature SPORT b. lightning logo in neon yellow colour flashes along movements under the water, bringing the rhythm and energy of music to watersports.


SPORT b. x ROCer's Graffiti Run 2018 had come to a fruitful end! On April 24th the last run was successfully completed, in celebration of both the runners, and also the very first launch of PURE LINE – SPORT b.’s sportswear series designed with functional details.

In the morning at the agnès b. K11 RUE DE MARSEILLE store, the famous local graffiti artist Uncle performed vividly the live graffiti art on the shop windows. Combining his own graffiti style with the theme “Graffiti Run”, he also added the unique b. dinosaur pattern of SPORT b., and the iconic camouflage pattern of PURE LINE to embellish the vibrant graffiti style.

And at night we’re happy to have Akina Fong to cheer the runners up in the running ceremony! Later the local music brand Yellow, singer-songwriter Yukilovey and busking artist Judas Law welcomed the Graffiti Runners with their wonderful live music shows. Each of participants indeed enjoyed a marvelous night, and shared joy and laughter together.

Art is my own religion.

Graffiti Runners' journey to Kwun Tong yesterday! Along with the urban renewal in recent years, this district is a combination of tradition and modernity, where both old markets, new commercial and industrial buildings exist together. Embracing the evening breeze, the Graffiti Runners ran through the streets and lanes, discovering the district which has undergone changes, and experiencing the art that is still outstanding in darkness. 

Art changes us, and we change the world!

This Tuesday the Graffiti Runners ran in Wong Chuk Hang to discover that this old district - where many industrial and residential buildings are located, it has been secretly transformed into a lively street art “studio”! They are all impressed by the colorful walls of graffiti along the route, the art that makes it a beautiful and distinctive community.

Graffiti starts in the streets, so does revolution. One can always seek for self-renovation through the world of both art and running.

On April 3, a group of Graffiti Runners ran along the narrow streets and lanes of Sham Shui Po and explored this seemingly ordinary district full of creativity. Together, the runners visited this graffiti space attentively with joy and happiness, learning about the street art culture in Hong Kong.

Festival d'été

Inspired by the joyful outdoor music festivals, SPORT b. has brought to the spring and summer collection various styles with functional outdoor features for music festivals in day and night. The joyful atmosphere, colorful scenes, everything in the music carnivals looks extraordinary and inspiring. Featured with the color pallets and interesting patterns inspired by the landscape of the festivals such as wild camping sites, SPORT b. has brought different styles with a functional touch for music events.


As usual, music is the most important design element of SPORT b. collection. Grunge (sometimes referred to as the Seattle sound) appeared during mid-1980s in the American state of Washington, particularly in Seattle. It merges elements of punk rock and heavy metal. Performing in punk’s haphazard approach in a slower speed, Grunge music creates dissonant harmonies with the angst-filled and introspective lyrics.

To echo the theme “Grunge”, an unkempt look with lots of layering is the highlight in this season. Over-sized plaid shirt and loose well-worn jeans are the recognizable elements which make the collection unforgettable.

La Musique de la Nouvelle Vague

New wave music incorporates electronic and punk rock sound which makes it very popular in 1980s. Inspired by its complexity in both music and lyrics, the new collection is full of dynamic and colourful patterns. It is iconic and unremarkable.

A Combination of Chic & Classy

Music is in agnès b.’s DNA. Inspired by Icelandic indie rock music, one of the Agnès’s favorite low-fi genres well-known for its raw and authentic music, SPORT b. brings you a combination of chic and classy collections in this season.


Inspired by the mistery of oceans, SPORT B. Spring/Summer 2016 Collection brings you sport-chic outfts. Discover more on our Facebook fan page.