SPORT b. x ROCer Graffiti Run 2018 - A Perfect Journey

SPORT b. x ROCer's Graffiti Run 2018 had come to a fruitful end! On April 24th the last run was successfully completed, in celebration of both the runners, and also the very first launch of PURE LINE – SPORT b.’s sportswear series designed with functional details.

In the morning at the agnès b. K11 RUE DE MARSEILLE store, the famous local graffiti artist Uncle performed vividly the live graffiti art on the shop windows. Combining his own graffiti style with the theme “Graffiti Run”, he also added the unique b. dinosaur pattern of SPORT b., and the iconic camouflage pattern of PURE LINE to embellish the vibrant graffiti style.

And at night we’re happy to have Akina Fong to cheer the runners up in the running ceremony! Later the local music brand Yellow, singer-songwriter Yukilovey and busking artist Judas Law welcomed the Graffiti Runners with their wonderful live music shows. Each of participants indeed enjoyed a marvelous night, and shared joy and laughter together.